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Beautiful Heart Shape Handmade Lace Wedding Ring Pillow

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These Handmade Wedding Ring Pillows are decorated with our Renaissance lace and all have a white satin ribbon detail to enhance the presentation of your rings, and to also securely hold them whilst they are being walked down the aisle.

Handmade Wedding Ring Pillows

We have four different styles available, in four different shapes, all using a slightly different lace design. 

Ask your ring bearer to walk down the aisle with your wedding rings on one of our Beautiful Lace Ring Pillows.

  • Exclusively available in the UK with Josephina Lace
  • Handmade in Poção, Northeast of Brazil


This heart-shaped Wedding Ring Cushion measures L22cm x W22cm

Made from: 

The top is made from cotton handmade lace and the bottom is made from cotton

Care Instructions: 

Not to be washed or bleached

Ironing: you can spray some water or starch  on the lace edges and reshape them with your fingers. Then put Beautiful Heart Shape Lace Wedding Ring Pillow to dry. You can also iron the lace edges. Just bear in mind that this piece of handmade lace is very delicate and a too hot iron may turn the it yellow. 
The beauty of imperfection: please understand that the majority of our products are handmade with patience, love and care and contain very delicate, handmade lace and, therefore, there may be some small variations and irregularities in the stitches and thread. 

NOTE: the price on this page if for the Beautiful Heart Shape Handmade Lace Wedding Ring Pillow only. The wedding rings are not included 


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