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Small girls fall in love with these enchanting dresses that make them feel like fairies and princesses! Some of our pieces feature handmade Renaissance cotton lace on the entire bodice and skirt, while for other models the lace is used for delicate accents, trims, and collars. We have a variety of styles for formal and casual dresses, as well as options for flower girls and special occasions, such as dresses and headbands for christenings or weddings. Choose your favourites from among our vintage or contemporary designs! Charming floral prints, spotty or solid colour dresses — all are delightfully enhanced by the intricate Renaissance lace details. 

Flowery lace accented headbands complement our selection of dresses for the perfect baby girls and girls outfit.

Josephina Lace is  UK’s #1 handmade lace & embroidery specialist as its products are unique in Europe