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Handmade Lace Cutlery Set Holder


Handmade by a small group of local women in Poção, Northeast of Brazil, who have an everlasting passion for creating Renaissance Lace products. (Please see video on homepage).

Handmade Lace Cutlery Set Holders

Our Josephina Handmade Lace Cutlery Set Holders are the perfect option for dressing your wedding tables or formal dinner occasions.

The holder is designed using our beautiful Renaissance Lace with 100% cotton. The holders bring a sophisticated edge to a rustic table and elegance to the most informal setting. Showing off your silverware in style.

Exclusively available in the UK with Josephina Lace
100% Renaissance cotton lace
Handmade in Poção, Northeast of Brazil

  • Exclusively available in the UK with Josephina Lace
  • 100% cotton with Renaissance cotton lace trims
  • Handcrafted in Poção, Northeast of Brazil


100% cotton ​​​
Handmade Lace and Embroidery: 100% cotton 

Dimensions 1:

L60cm x H33cm

Dimensions 2:

L57cm x H29cm 

Washing Instructions: 

Your beautiful handmade Handmade  Lace Cutlery Set Holder should be looked after with care. Please soak it in stain removal with oxygen, if needed, then rinse it by hand or put it in a wash bag before washing in the washing machine.
Not to be bleached or washed with other clothes 

Ironing Instructions: 

Just spray some water on it and use the cotton programme on your iron.  Iron it thoroughly making sure the stitches of the lace don't get trapped on the nose of the iron or the lace may get ruined.

The beauty of imperfection:  

Please understand that the majority of our products are handmade with patience, love and care or contain very delicate handmade lace, therefore, there might be small variations and irregularities on the stitches and thread. 

Bespoke Option:

All our products can be made to order, so if you need anything for yourself, the christening of your baby, your wedding or something nice for your home please email us at josephina@josephinalace.co.uk. As the majority of our products are handmade, which takes time, love and care, you should contact us well in advance in order to get your beautiful  pieces delivered in time. 


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