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We know that dressing baby in white is traditional for christenings, naming ceremonies or baptism, signifying purification. We also know that lace, satin, silk and ribbons have been closely attached to this tradition as far as it can be traced. For this reason, Josephina Lace offers a range of white clothing for that special day. Baby Bonnets that go with the christening gowns, quilted and embroidered blankets, full lace bibs, embroidered burp cloths, tiaras and tiny baby booties.

With the babies’ comfort in mind, we create our articles of clothing out of 100% cotton! Including the handmade lace and embroidery. 

Nonetheless, clothing for babies and girls must be graceful and delicate. For this reason our childrenswear is adorned with pleats, tucks, lace and embroidery.

Josephina Lace is #1 UK handmade lace & embroidery specialist as its products are unique in Europe