Co-marketing: the Friendly Way to Engage Without Paying!


From the very beginning Josephina Lace was meant to be a company fundamentally rooted in the sense and concept of cooperation. Up to now its “roots” have “grown” and stretched to touch and embrace real people, most of them women and children, Josephina’s main focus. Driven by this passion and belief in cooperation you are offered the opportunity to partnership with Josephina Lace doing co-marketing for your website, blog, Instagram, Facebook or Twitter accounts.


At the bottom of our website, underneath the pictures of some of the members of our team, you will find just the right spot to place your logo or picture/text and link without any cost! In the same way, you will publicise Josephina’s name/services/products on your social media accounts/posts.


Please, hop on! Let’s have a chat. Together we can do it!